Introducing Nadia Marie: Dear Young Rocker’s Season 4 Story

29 minutes

Dear Young Rockers: This season is going to be different. To introduce a new season-length story, DYR creator Chelsea Ursin interviews Atlanta-based musician and artist Nadia Marie, who will tell her own incredible coming-of-age story, in Season 4, debuting this week.

Like Chelsea, Nadia began her musical career early and came of age in the early 2000s. In 2013, Nadia had her life severely interrupted, and inner world reset, when at 23 she was hit by a car while on her bike. As a result, she suffered a concussion and amnesia that nobody around her was able to help her understand. She was unable to remember much of who she was, or what the people around her had meant to her. The instruments she loved were suddenly foreign, and even her musical taste was different. In this season you’ll get to hear the flashbacks to her early life and some twists and turns along the way, as her newly 23-year-old self navigates the world around her as she reestablishes and creates new connections within music and within herself. Stick around for the rest of the season to hear the full story.

This season of Dear Young Rocker is written and hosted by Nadia Marie. Want to share your own Young Rocker experience? Connect with Nadia on Instagram and TikTok @NadiaMarieForever. You can also follow the show on Instagram @DearYoungRocker and @DoubleElvis. 

Dear Young Rocker was created by, and is executive produced by, Chelsea Ursin. The show is executive produced by Jake Brennan, Brady Sadler, and Carly Carioli for Double Elvis. 

Script editing on this episode by Chelsea Ursin and James Sullivan. Production by Sean Cahalin and Lea Tatoris. Music for this episode was composed and performed by Nadia Marie. To hear more of her music, follow Nadia Marie on all streaming platforms.

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