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Lira Mondal of the band Sweeping Promises shares her story of growing up in Arkansas as a nerdy choir kid longing to fit into an alternative rock subculture that she isn't sure she's cool enough for. As an only child of a single Bangladeshi mom, she doesn't feel like she blends in with her mostly white peers. She finds confidence in her voice but dreams of playing guitar or bass in a band and getting to rock out to the kind of music she loves the most - especially her favorite band Interpol. Lira provides some loving advice to her younger self and then talks with Chelsea about shared experiences as only children of single moms. She also recommends listeners check out the organization Trust Tree which holds music and arts camps for girls in Arkansas to help them bring their creative visions to life. And for more check out dearyoungrocker.com and follow @dearyoungrocker on instagram. For DYR merch and info on more great shows check out doubleelvis.com.

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